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The Fix Podcast


The brief...

Michelle King is a bestselling author who is an expert on organisational cultures. Frustrated with inequality in the workplace, she wanted to create a weekly podcast which centred on female empowerment in the workplace and how people can achieve success whilst authentically being themselves. In the wake of her second book ‘How Work Works’, Michelle wanted each episode to delve into topics explored in print and host guests to help navigate through the struggle to find meaning and fulfillment in the workplace.


The challenge...

To create this podcast, Michelle records her audio independently from us and we receive an audio file each week so that we can begin the editing process. The first step is to adjust the audio levels to ensure that it sounds as high quality as possible. Whilst referencing the episode’s script provided by Michelle, we then remove silence, background noise, breaths taken and make cuts so that the conversation flows smoothly.

There is an added complexity if there is a guest on that week’s episode as this means that there will be an additional audio track if two microphones are used. If the guest is joining Michelle virtually, we then have to edit out the delay caused by this. We sync up the audio tracks and remove the audio of Michelle when her guest is speaking and vice versa.

Michelle also sends through the transcript of her conversation with the guest and picks out the relevant timecodes for us to use for certain elements within the episode.


The delivery...

Both ourselves and Michelle are very pleased with the result of the podcast each week. It has been extremely successful and has gained over 192,000 downloads so far. The Fix has hosted a range of guests from different backgrounds with varying expertise. Some notable examples include fashion photographer Nigel Barker, Iceland’s Prime Minister Katrín Jakobsdóttir and actor Justin Baldoni.

The combination of Michelle’s ability to host, her interesting guests and our work to edit has created a successful podcast.