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The Culture practice website


The brief...

Equality Forward were changing into The Culture Practice and so the offering the company gave to their clients did also.  We were tasked with bringing their brand into a more corporate domain, cutting back on content and allowing the user a quicker way to access what they needed.


The challenge...

Having only developed a website for the company 18 months previous, the challenge came with understanding the reasoning behind a rebrand and knowing how to translate that into a website which was better than the one we had produced for the company already.  What we had to get our heads around was that the client didn’t not like the brand we had created originally, their market had changed and therefore the users of the previous site was no longer relevant.  We could have just changed the services but the actual experience of the user needed to change.  We needed to make the site more corporate, dynamic and informative.


The delivery...

The Equality Forward original site was beautiful, vibrant and cool, we were reluctant to see it go…however the new The Culture Practice site we now think is amazing.  The final product was perfect and both ourselves as the creatives and the TCP team couldn’t have been happier when we launched.  Excellent collaboration between us all.

The Culture Practice