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Sports Parkinson’s Four Nations Golf Tournament


The brief...
Sport Parkinson’s wanted an uplifting video to document their two day, annual 4 nations golfing tournament at the famous Belfry Golf Club. The idea was to showcase the great work the CIC do as well as to celebrate the sporting achievements of those living with Parkinson’s. Our brief was to create a video which would demonstrate that it does not have to just be a debilitating condition and to encourage those living with Parkinson’s to stay active and to get involved in activities across the country.

The challenge...

Sport Parkinson’s expressed their desire for a cost-effective video which meant that the potential to use multiple camera operatives was not an option. Instead, we used one camera operative and 3 cameras that were strategically placed into the back of a golf buggy, allowing us to capture all the participants competing across the golf course. Another factor to consider was the temperamental weather so that the best time to film had to be planned both before and also during the event as the weather changed.

Certain participants at the four nations tournaments had particularly powerful stories, so it was important to set aside time to capture them playing and record interviews.

On the second day of the tournament, celebrities, who are advocates of the event and of Sport Parkinson’s were in attendance. It was important to capture interviews with them as well as footage of them playing so that Sports Parkinson’s were able to use our media to maximise their own publicity. 


The delivery...
Although it was always going to be a challenge with only having one camera operator using the main camera, the steady camera the drone and also getting the interviews we accomplished it all with ease. This is because we simply don’t stop when out filming. We brought our creative vision to life to create an appealing and engaging video which was then edited purposefully for all the different media platforms.