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belong here website


The brief...

We were asked to create a website which not only allowed its users to access meaningful content, it would also be used eventually as a network space for likeminded graduates and also a learning platform for use to progress knowledge of the way workplaces work best.


The challenge...

Having specific deadlines as to when other pieces of work for the client were being published meant that deadlines changed often, likewise the client base of those using the platform changed too.

The design, feel and content of a website has to connect with those who are to use it, if it doesn’t, the platform won’t be relevant and the need will not be there.  We had to get this right in order for the project to be worthwhile and have the desired outcome for graduates to be able to navigate workplaces in today’s world.


The delivery...

We decided with the design team at Belong to have a phased approach to this project.  Getting the front end of the site up first and assessing usage and movement around the content users could interact with.  From research undertaken by the design team at Belong it was also then discussed as to how the users would want to interact with one another in the social area of the platform.

Each stage of the site was given deadlines to aim to meet.  Sometimes those deadlines changed in quick succession and we needed to be flexible as a team to respond to this effectively both so the deadlines were met but the work produced was also of the expected standard, or beyond this.

The platform is still in its final stages of development but both ourselves and the team at Belong are extremely proud of the site we have produced and we hope it really will change the way graduates view and access the world of work.

Belong Here